Restrict Access To Applications On Your Remote Desktop Or Citrix Servers

When running a shared session such as Remote Desktop Services or Citrix it is really important to have control over what application and software users are running. 

Quite often companies run multiple applications, such as a line of business application, accounting, and office applications on the same server. By giving users access to all applications installed, it may pose a security or licensing issues for the server. This is especially relevant when you are deploying your full desktops rather than publishing single applications. 

ThreatLocker gives you the control the limit access to applications on a per-user basis. You can configure simple policies that allow you to choose which users and groups can open which applications. 

The ThreatLocker Audit gives you complete visibility of which applications are being opened, and you can then create policies to permit or deny on an as needed basis. 

To find out more about how ThreatLocker Application Control can help you lock down your Remote Desktop Session or Citrix Servers, visit our Application Control page, or schedule a free web demostration.