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Network Control

Network Control is an endpoint firewall solution that gives control over all network traffic, so you don’t leave devices or data vulnerable and exposed to cyber threats.

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What Is Network Control?

ThreatLocker® Network Control is an endpoint and server firewall that enables you to have total control over network traffic, which ultimately helps you to protect your devices. Using custom-built policies, you can allow granular access based on IP address, specific keywords, or even agent authentication or dynamic ACLs.

Illustration of Network Control Policy List
Illustration of ThreatLocker Network Control configuration window

Why Network Control?

The local network is no more. Users are not only working from the office but also remotely, meaning the network we utilize has quickly become the internet. This dissolution of the perimeter leaves devices and data vulnerable and exposed to cyber threats. This is why you need network traffic controls in place to protect your device, and by extension, your data. You can achieve this by implementing our Network Control solution.

Network Control and Dynamic ACLs

Dynamic ACLs allow you to automatically open ports based on a computer's or group of computers' location at a point in time. With dynamic ACLs, the connection between server and client is direct, unlike a VPN that needs to connect through a central point.

Illustration Graphic of ThreatLocker Network Control Dynamic ACLs


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Using global and granular policies, NAC allows users to configure network access to endpoints.

ThreatLocker Network Control: Cloud-based Feature Icon


The cloud-managed solution provides customers with a centralized view of endpoint policies and network traffic across your organization.

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NAC enables users to deny all traffic to published servers while only allowing a single computer by IP address or dynamically using a keyword. This is great for a user who is often traveling.

ThreatLocker Network Control: Enhanced Network Security Feature Icon

Enhanced Network Security

Ensure rogue devices on your network cannot access your servers or endpoints with Dynamic ACLs.

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