How to Deploy Application Whitelisting in Three Minutes

The purpose of application whitelisting is to allow only approved applications and application components (libraries, configuration files, etc.) to run, according to a well-defined policy set, while stopping all other applications from running by default. When implemented, application whitelisting is an effective security technique that helps stop the execution of malicious malware and other unauthorized software.

Whitelisting is so effective, it was listed as one of the major logical protections in the I.T. modernization act, that was signed into law in 2017.  

The process of implementing and managing whitelisting has traditionally been a complex, time consuming and a burden on business and government.

With ThreatLocker Application Whitelisting is Easy!

ThreatLocker Application Control

ThreatLocker® puts your business ahead in the fight against malware and exploits by combining Application Whitelisting and RingFencing together into our Application Control. The solution is fast to deploy and has a low total cost of ownership solution.

Ransomware Attack

AntiVirus Falls Short in detecting malware  

ThreatLocker® stops viruses and malware without the need for signatures. Our unbreakable "default deny" approach blocks zero-day threats, unknown threats, and known threats. 

Unauthorized Software

Unauthorized software = increased risk  

Unauthorized software could be silently copying your customer data without you even knowing it. With ThreatLocker®, you choose exactly what software is running in your business. 

See whats running

Visibility is needed of what's running. 

If you don't know what software is running in your business. You may be unaware of illegal or dangerous applications. Know what's happening with ThreatLocker® today. 

ThreatLocker® provides an application control solution that allows you to choose what executables and libraries are running. Unlike antivirus software which only blocks known threats, ThreatLocker® changes the paradigm to only allowing authorized applications, while giving you a complete insight of everything that runs.

Fast Deployment

built-in application DEFINITIONS

Simple Approval

ThreatLocker Features

Single Click Install

Group Policy Deployment

Automatically Profile Apps

Instant Visibility of What's Running

ThreatLocker® maintains a database of applications that is automatically updated

Application Updates can update apps

One-Click Request

One-Click Approval

Less than 30 Second Process

ThreatLocker® has a real-time audit of everything that is running in your business or school. Information such as the filename, hash, and digital signatures are cross-referenced against millions of definitions in the ThreatLocker® Cloud to provide accurate application information.
Security Operation Centers (SOCs), CISOs and IT managers can review our simple audit and reporting interface to know what is running in your business or school.

Instant Feedback

Anti-malware solutions work by blocking known threats from executing on your PC. While this is effective at preventing known viruses, it is not capable at protecting you from new or unknown viruses. Nowadays, everybody has antivirus running on their networks, yet millions of businesses each year are crippled by the latest trends in malware. ThreatLocker® customers benefit from a much more logical solution. Instead of trying to identify the most recent viruses, ThreatLocker's solution only permits the software you want. Everything else is blocked, and you can rest assured that your business is secure.

Permit Only Good Software

See a complete overview of everything that is running on your business or school's computers. When you use ThreatLocker®, you can see every application that is running on your network. This means that you know what programs have access and could be stealing your data, together which users are running those programs.

See Who is Running What

Firewalls have been around for a long time, and are extremely effective at blocking unwanted traffic from entering your network. So effective hackers have turned to third generation methods to penetrate your business. The reason for the effectiveness is policy driven access with a default deny rule for anything that is not explicitly permitted. If you are using ThreatLocker®, you can apply from firewall like policies to the software that is running on your network. 

Firewall Like Policies

Not all computers are equal. You might not want an internet browser running on your database server or an FTP client running on your file server. ThreatLocker® understands this, and we make it possible for you to set policies for groups using GPOs and an MSI.

Per Computer Policies

Administrators can centrally manage approval requests in one place. The ThreatLocker® approval center is a simple portal where your administrators can review user requests to access applications and easily approve or deny them. If you need more flexibility, you can create custom policies or put the computer into install mode right from the approval center.

Central Approval Center

Approval in a Single-click

Approval can be requested and approved in a single click from the ThreatLocker® Cloud Portal or directly from the PC the instant the file is blocked. 

ThreatLocker Tray


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