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Blocking Exploits
of Known and Unknown Vulnerabilities

Remote Access Attacks

Remote access to your systems for outside users and partners is vital for today’s businesses, but it’s also a fertile avenue of attack for cybercriminals. ThreatLocker® sees to it that even authorized visitors to your servers and systems can’t deliberately or unintentionally let malware in.

  • Per User Limits: Eliminate the need to grant blanket access as ThreatLocker® creates policies for organizations or unique users
  • Protect Remote Assets: ThreatLocker® is fully compatible with remote desktops and Citrix servers so employees can work securely from anywhere
  • Control of Unknown Apps: ThreatLocker® unobtrusively controls the applications of trusted visitors to prevent cybercriminals piggybacking in


Ransomware and other malicious software can copy or encrypt your files in a few minutes. ThreatLocker® uses a more logical approach to stop viruses and malware from affecting your business. ThreatLocker® Application Control uses a combination of default deny and Ringfencing™ to protect your business from known and unknown malware threats.

  • Zero-Day Attacks: ThreatLocker® protects against vulnerabilities that haven’t even been discovered yet
  • Macro Viruses: Malware embedded in trusted programs like Office can’t overcome ThreatLocker® Ringfencing™
  • Fileless Malware: Even malware that hides in memory can’t sneak in; if its code isn’t on the trusted list, it isn’t getting access
  • Ransomware: Ringfencing™ lets you dictate how apps interact with data; if a program, ANY program, tries to encrypt data it isn’t authorized to, it will be blocked

Data Theft

It is important to know what is happening on your data storage devices at all times. Without that visibility, you risk these devices being left wide open to a cyber attack. ThreatLocker® not only lets you track and control external data access (e.g., via the internet) but internal access as well. When your security team has complete visibility over your data storage, they'll be able to block data theft before it happens.

  • Control Physical Copying: With the right ThreatLocker® Storage Control policies in place, a bad actor on your premises with a USB drive won’t be able to copy a thing
  • Monitor Access: See who is accessing your files and when with detailed reports generated in real time by ThreatLocker®
  • Restrict Applications: Let only trusted apps access your data, as determined by your custom policies

IT Disputes

With remote working on the rise, and the need for employees to be able to work anywhere, anytime, the need to track their computer activities is becoming increasingly important. ThreatLocker® enables you to have visibility and control over the files and applications users are accessing on a day-to-day basis. With ThreatLocker® you can:

  • Track File Access: Get detailed, real-time reports on who accessed data and what they did with it
  • Track Changes and Deletions: Thorough records for any file type let you see the complete history of your data
  • Block Unauthorized Apps: ThreatLocker® custom policies let you block any apps you want, regardless of if they are malware or not

Preventing Breaches
Any Industry, Any Size.

Enterprise and Business

Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, and Network Control are considered the gold standards when it comes to stopping ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software. Typically, these enterprise-class tools often come with significant management overhead, long deployment times, and red tape that makes business operations difficult.

ThreatLocker® not only protects your endpoints and data from zero-day malware, ransomware, and other malicious software, but provides solutions for easy onboarding, management, and eliminates the lengthy approval processes of traditional solutions.

ThreatLocker® benefits for enterprise organizations:

  • Providing scalable enterprise-grade Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, and Network Control solutions, without the management overhead
  • Blocking unwanted software from running regardless of administrative privilege
  • Stopping known and unknown viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software
  • Controlling and enforcing storage policies at a granular level when accessing file shares, USB, and other storage
  • Seamlessly review and approve new software
  • Helping achieve compliance with NIST, HIPAA, CIS, PCI, and other regulations

Government Entities and Contractors

Government organizations have become a prime target for cybercriminals and threat actors because they have more responsibilities and fewer resources than the private sector. ThreatLocker® addresses this by providing an all-encompassing, enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution that does the work of multiple programs and does it better. Our application containment and Storage Control features stop ransomware in its tracks, countering even the most sophisticated attacks like macro viruses and fileless malware.

ThreatLocker® Allowlisting ensures that emergent threats, no matter how new, can’t cause damage to your organization or the people it serves. Allowlisting is recommended by the U.S. Federal Government’s Chief Information Officer as part of the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2018.

ThreatLocker® benefits for government entities and contractors:

  • Helps to support government mandated Zero Trust Architecture to protect against current and future threats
  • Providing granular control of data storage to ensure only authorized personnel can view or alter private documents
  • Granting unprecedented visibility over apps and data and generating detailed usage records
  • Achieving compliance and best practices guidelines including CIS Controls, CMMC, NIST, and DoD RMF with unprecedented control and visibility over apps, data, and devices as well as generating detailed usage reports

Healthcare Providers

One of the most frustrating things about compliance with HIPAA and other data security regulations is that the level of security is often out of your hands. Best practices go a long way to protect ePHI, but your cybersecurity can only be as good as the software you use. Caring for patients is a full-time job, and eliminating uncertainty about the quality of your cybersecurity software will allow you to focus on this important work.

ThreatLocker® Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, and Network Control are the gold standard when it comes to blocking ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software. Additionally, Storage Control provides granular control over confidential doctor and patient information, including ePHI.

ThreatLocker® can protect all of your endpoints and servers, including vulnerable IoT devices, against malicious software, exploits, and data theft.

ThreatLocker® benefits for healthcare providers:

  • Achieving compliances such as HIPAA, CMS, and NIST with peerless control and visibility over apps, data, and devices as well as generating detailed usage reports
  • Providing scalable enterprise-grade application, network, storage control solutions
  • Protecting IoT devices such as operating room integration systems, blood pressure monitors, and medical refrigerators
  • Providing granular control over ePHI, allowing administrators to control application and user level access to data easily
  • Safeguarding even outdated systems with Allowlisting and Ringfencing™
  • Enforcing encryption on portable storage devices

Financial Services

Organizations within the finance industry are prime targets for cyberattacks because of the amount of sensitive data they host. A cyberattack that compromises your clients’ personal data will strip your firm of its credibility, and any reputational damage incurred may halt business development and contribute to your company going out of business.

Waiting too long before you initiate your organization's cybersecurity will dramatically increase your risk of a cyberattack. Investing in a reliable cybersecurity solution like ThreatLocker® can put your organization one step ahead of cyber threats and reduce your chances of falling victim.

ThreatLocker® benefits for financial service companies:

  • Helping achieve compliance with NIST, PCI DSS, ZTNA and other regulations
  • Providing scalable enterprise-grade application, network, storage control solutions
  • 24/7/365 support from the US-based Cyber Hero® Team
  • Central log displaying all audited data occurring within an endpoint and environment
  • Data protection through application containment
  • Granular control over storage and data access whether it's a local folder, network share, or external storage.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions and their districts collect a vast amount of data that cybercriminals highly covet. Every year, they gather more information from incoming students and staff. These criminals aim to obtain details such as salary amounts, banking information, and personal data. If institutions fail to secure this information, it could put the students, staff, and entire district at risk. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard this data.

Waiting too long to initiate a school's cybersecurity can increase the risk of a cyberattack. ThreatLocker® Endpoint Protection Platform can keep school and school districts one step ahead of cyber threats and reduce the chance of falling victim to any breaches.

ThreatLocker® benefits for school and school districts:

  • Providing scalable enterprise-grade application, network, storage control solutions
  • 24/7/365 support from the U.S. based Cyber Hero® Team
  • Reducing the risk of external breaches and internal data leaks by providing policy-driven control over access to USBs, local folders, or network shares
  • Data protection through application containment
  • Blocking unauthorized IoT network connections to reduce the risk of a pontential breach

Managed Service Providers

As a Managed Service Provider, (MSP), you know your small-medium-business (SMB) clients are looking for maximum value for their money. You're also painfully aware that a single data breach or ransomware attack can put them out of business in the blink of an eye. ThreatLocker® addresses both of these concerns in ways antivirus software cannot. Allowlisting is considered the gold standard in protecting from ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software. Unlike traditionally complex and challenging Allowlisting solutions, ThreatLocker® Application Control is fast to deploy, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with your RMM and PSA solutions.

ThreatLocker® goes beyond Allowlisting. With the addition of Ringfencing™, you can offer your clients enterprise-class protection from known and unknown malware, whether file-based or fileless.

ThreatLocker® benefits your MSP business by:

  • Providing a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution that’s head and shoulders above your competitors’ offerings
  • Giving you and your clients unprecedented visibility over their apps and data so you can solve problems quicker than ever
  • Saving your clients’ time with rapid deployment, single-click installs, < 60-second approval processes, and more
  • Making your technicians’ jobs easier with a user-friendly interface and seamless integration into your PSA or RMM software

Endpoint Control

Zero Trust controls at your fingertips

Manage Your Organizations’ Endpoints Anywhere

  • Learning Mode

    Temporarily disable file blocking to learn new applications being installed.

  • Application Approvals

    Increase productivity. Process approval requests from anywhere!

  • Elevation Approvals

    Privileged Access Management in the palm of your hand.

Integrates with
the Tools You Use


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