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Storage Control
Enterprise-Level Data Protection

Storage Control allows you to protect your data from unauthorized access or theft by setting granular policies over your storage devices.

What Is Storage Control?

Storage Control provides policy-driven control over storage devices, whether the storage device is a local folder, a network share, or external storage such as a USB drive. ThreatLocker® Storage Control allows granular policies to be set, which could be as simple as blocking USB drives, or as detailed as blocking access to your backup share, except when accessed by your backup application.

Digital Trail With Unified Audit

The Unified Audit provides a central log of all storage access by users on the network and those working remotely, down to the exact files that were copied and the device's serial number.

How Does ThreatLocker® Storage Control Work?

When a storage device is blocked, the user is presented with a pop-up where they can request access to the storage device. The administrator can then choose to permit the storage device in as little as 60 seconds.

Illustration of ThreatLocker Storage Control Request Access Notification

Storage Control Features

Audit Access to All Your Files - White Icon

Audit Access to All Your Files

A full detailed audit of all file access on USB, network, and local hard drives is centrally accessible within minutes of a file being opened.

Granular Application Policies - White Icon

Granular Storage Policies

These policies allow or deny access to storage based on user, time, applications, and more.

Deny By Default Simple Requests - White Icon

Simple Requests for Access

A pop-up with the option to request access to the storage device.

Simple USB Device Blocking - White Icon

Simple USB Device Blocking

USB policies allow access based on device serial number, vendor, and/ or file type.

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