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Unified Audit

Learn how the unified audit can log all data about the behavior occurring within your business's environment.

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What Is Threatlocker’s Unified Audit?

The ThreatLocker Unified Audit is a centralized location displaying all audited data about what's occurring within the environment. This powerful feature shows data from the different ThreatLocker modules utilized across the entire business environment in a single pane of glass.

Screenshot of unified audit for allowlisting

Unified Audit for Allowlisting

When using ThreatLocker Allowlisting, you can see information about executables, scripts, and libraries is recorded and indexed in near real-time.

Unified Audit for Storage Control

ThreatLocker Storage Control displays information about files accessed, changed, or deleted in any monitored storage location, including USB drives, file shares, and the local drives where an explicit policy was created to monitor or control that folder.

Illustration of Unified Audit list
Screenshot of unified audit for Network Control

Unified Audit for Network Control

ThreatLocker Network Control logs all network activity, including source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, users, and processes. All Unified Audit activity is filterable and searchable to make parsing the information accessible.

Why Is the Unified Audit Important?

Whether it's understanding the activity occurring in your environment or researching an incident, the Unified Audit offers centralized visibility into audit logs and security events across all endpoints. IT admins can verify policy effectiveness, application and network behaviors, and streamline reporting for compliance requirements.

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