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ThreatLocker® Blog - CDK Shutdown News

CDK Global Shutdown

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What is CDK Global?  

CDK Global is a leading provider of retail technology and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, primarily for the automotive industry. The company offers technology tools and platforms that empower car dealerships to run their businesses more efficiently, improve customer relationships, and drive better sales outcomes.

What Happened to CDK Global?  

On June 19, CDK Global's data center was taken down due to a "cybersecurity incident." This prevented all the dealerships from using CDK Global software and forced some people to use pen and paper to keep work moving.  

CDK Global made a statement on June 20 about the outage, stating, "At this time, we do not have an estimated time frame for resolution, and therefore, our dealers' systems will not be available at a minimum on Thursday,"  

An IT professional for one dealership informed BleepingComputer that CDK advised them to disconnect the always-on VPN out of caution.  

How ThreatLocker® can Protect CDK Clients

ThreatLocker® recommends that clients using the CDK Global agent on their machines implement a Ringfencing™ policy to restrict the agent's access to sensitive files, such as those in the Documents and Desktop folders. An additional Ringfencing™ policy should be put in place to prevent CDK agents from interacting with critical programs like PowerShell and RunDLL. Implementing Ringfencing™ enhances security by ensuring that the CDK Global agent operates within strictly defined boundaries, safeguarding critical data and system resources.