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Enterprise-LEVEL Cybersecurity

Security Starts and Finishes at the Endpoint

Seamless Cybersecurity for Organizations of Any Industry

In an era where cybersecurity is non-negotiable, organizations require a robust and proactive defense mechanism to safeguard their sensitive data and digital assets. Instead of relying heavily on detection methods and chasing threats, ThreatLocker® enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions block everything that is not explicitly trusted and allows organizations to use only what is needed.

Block Malicious and Unwanted Software With ThreatLocker® Enterprise Cybersecurity Solution

Malicious software such as computer viruses and ransomware are ultimately forms of software. ThreatLocker® has an advanced approach to Application Allowlisting to only allow the software you need and block everything else. Using advanced learning algorithms, and combining the behaviors of millions of endpoints, the ThreatLocker® Endpoint Protection Platform can quickly and efficiently learn what is required for your business and then block other unwanted and malicious software from running. ThreatLocker® automatically tracks application updates and streamlines the approval process so your endpoint protection will not stand in the way of your business operating.

Using Ringfencing™ to Control Applications and Prevent Cybersecurity Threats

Once running, applications have the same access as the logged-in user, including interacting with powerful built-in tools and data. Bad actors often use legitimate applications to launch their attacks. ThreatLocker® Ringfencing™ creates boundaries around approved applications to dictate how they interact with other applications, the registry, the internet, or valuable files. Create granular policies to limit what trusted applications can do to help prevent the risk of their weaponization. Ringfencing™ provides vital protection from the exploits of vulnerable software, including SolarWinds Orion, Microsoft Office, PowerShell and 3CX.

Dynamic Network Control Ensures Cybersecurity for Businesses of All Sizes

Network Control regulates traffic, keeping ports closed and opening on-demand for authorized connections. Closing ports on endpoints and servers is often overlooked, but once an adversary gains access to a network, they abuse these open ports to traverse the network. Network Control gives the ability to apply just-in-time port control using dynamic ACLs or agent authentications; ports will automatically open for authorized devices and remain invisible to unauthorized devices, no matter the source IP address, whether on the LAN or WAN. Once open, ports close automatically within minutes once they are no longer used. ThreatLocker® Network Control prevents rogue devices on your network from being the source of a cyberattack.

Unparalleled Support for Cyber Threat Protection

Criminals never sleep, so we don't either. The 100% US-based Cyber Hero® Support Team is available around the clock, 24/7/365, by telephone or via the ThreatLocker® portal. Our second-to-none support team strives to answer every call within 30 seconds and resolve most issues within minutes while on the same call.

Our Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity Solutions

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Deny by Default

Prevent cyberattacks and cybersecurity threats from happening on your devices or across your network.

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Firewall-like Policies

A powerful firewall-like policy engine that allows you to permit, deny or restrict application access at a granular level.

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Mitigate Fileless Malware

Stop fileless malware by limiting what applications are allowed to do.

Illustration of malware being blocked from accessing data

Limit Application Attacks

Stop attacks like application hopping by limiting what applications can access.

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Enable users to deny all traffic to published servers while only allowing a single computer by IP address or dynamically using a keyword.

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Enhanced Network Security

Ensure rogue devices on your network cannot access your servers or endpoints with dynamic ACLs.

Cybersecurity Tailored to Your Needs

Cybersecurity threats can take many forms. From social engineering attacks to ransomware attacks, cybercriminals are always seeking out weaknesses to exploit.

ThreatLocker® enterprise-level solutions empower industries to safeguard against threats and stay compliant. Learn more about how our solutions can be used for cybersecurity for small and medium enterprises as well.