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On the Road with ThreatLocker®

Want to meet a member of our Cyber Hero Team in person? Good news, ThreatLocker® attends cybersecurity events all year to talk about the importance of Zero Trust endpoint protection. See where we're headed below!

Zero Trust World 25

ThreatLocker® will be bringing some of the brightest cybersecurity professionals and special guests together for the 5th year in a row. Don’t miss out on this exciting interactive 3-day event to get hands-on cybersecurity training, expert insights, and more.

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Zero Trust World 2025

ThreatLocker® Exclusive Experiences

CTRL + ALT + DELight

An exclusive dining opportunity to learn the latest techniques that Hackers are using and how to defend against them using Zero Trust principles.


An evening of networking, engaging conversations about the latest advancements in ThreatLocker Endpoint Security, and the opportunity to connect with members of our Cyber Hero Team.

Flight, Pints, & Insights

A thrilling day spent defying gravity, followed by a hop over to a local brewery to share a pint with members of our Cyber Hero team and the opportunity to learn the most recent tactics employed by Hackers and how to safeguard against them using Zero Trust principles.

Super Car, Cyber Race

Cyber Threats are fast, drive faster. Jump in the driver’s seat for a day of Zero Trust Innovation that excites.

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