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Elevation Control

ThreatLocker Elevation Control provides an additional layer of security by allowing IT administrators to remove local admin privileges from their users while allowing them to run individual applications as an administrator.

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What is Elevation Control?

Elevation Control enables users to run specific applications as a local administrator, even when they do not have local admin privileges. Elevation Control puts IT administrators in the driving seat, enabling them to control exactly what applications can run as a local admin without giving users local admin rights.

Graphic Illustration of ThreatLocker Portal utilizing Elevation Control policies
Elevation Control Request Graphic

How Does It Work?

When ThreatLocker is first deployed, all existing applications are learned. Administrators can review the applications and select which can be run as a local administrator. Once enabled, a user can run the software as a local administrator without entering any credentials.


Vector Graphic of Complete Visibility of Administrative Rights feature icon

Complete Visibility of Administrative Rights

Gives you the ability to approve specific applications to run as an administrator, even if the user is not a local administrator.

Vector Graphic Streamlined Permission Requests feature icon

Streamlined Permission Requests

Users can request permission to elevate applications and attach files and notes to support their requests.

Vector Graphic of Varied Levels of Elevation feature Icon

Varied Levels of Elevation

Enables you to set durations for how long users are allowed access to specific applications by granting either temporary or permanent access.

Vector Graphic of Secure Application Integration feature icon

Secure Application Integration

Ringfencing™ ensures that users cannot jump to infiltrate connected applications within the network once an application is elevated.

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