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Testing Environment

Learn how ThreatLocker® Testing Environment helps administrators make quick and informed decisions on whether newly requested programs should be added to the allowlist.

Allowlisting for Dynamic Environments

ThreatLocker® Allowlisting is a powerful solution that simplifies onboarding with our Learning Mode and audit assistance. In dynamic environments, allowlisting is not a set-and-forget solution. When users request to run new applications after the endpoints have been secured, administrators need to make a decision whether to allow or deny these requests. This requires specific knowledge about the requested application or a heavy research lift to investigate and verify whether an application meets the organization's safety requirements.

Graphic of illustration of ThreatLocker Testing Environment testing application

What Is the ThreatLocker® Testing Environment?

ThreatLocker® Testing Environment uses a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to enable administrators to evaluate an approval request quickly. Without taking the risk of running an unknown/untrusted application in a production environment, the VDI creates a temporary testing environment in which to run the requested application. Businesses can now safely evaluate applications in a cloud-based environment to examine how they behave and decide, based on real-time information, the best course of action for their organization.

Graphic of Learning Mode Activated in Testing Environment

How Does the Testing Environment Work?

Without impacting your production environment, a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) test environment is dynamically created to enable the requested application to run. When the application runs, ThreatLocker® Risk Center opens and performs the following evaluations:

Graphic of illustration of how ThreatLocker Testing Environment works

Real-Time Audit

Red alerts on these parameters will give the administrator additional information, and all data is logged in real-time, giving you the critical information needed to understand the risk before allowing a user to install new software.

Each of those checkpoints alerts in red for risks, and the tabs provide full details of the impact in a single click. This allows the administrator to quickly and confidently act upon an application install request.

The ThreatLocker® Testing Environment is a powerful tool for rapid installation decision-making, keeping you moving at the speed of business.

Graphic of illustration of ThreatLocker Testing Environment  showing real time audit of application being testing

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