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Raising the Bar
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We are more than a product; we are a team of skilled cybersecurity professionals here to save the day.
Meet the Cyber Hero Team for your cybersecurity.

Who Are We

The team at ThreatLocker® has been developing cybersecurity tools for decades, including programs to enhance email and content security, and this is our most innovative and ambitious cybersecurity solution yet. We developed this unique cybersecurity system because we believe that organizations should have complete control of their networks and should not have to live in fear of the next malware attack.


We envision a future in which all organizations can chart their own course free from the influence of cybercriminals and the damage their incursions cause, and our team of veteran cybersecurity professionals created ThreatLocker® to make this vision a reality.

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At ThreatLocker®, our Cyber Hero® Team works together with the united and urgent purpose of protecting businesses from cyber threats. We challenge ourselves to solve problems, continually improve our product, and each other.

Sense of Urgency

Cyber threats move fast, and in order to defend, ThreatLocker® moves fast. Our team is laser-focused on delivering at record speeds. Everything we do in ThreatLocker®, from responding to customer inquiries to getting on a support call, we do with urgency. We make sure our customers are always put first.


Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We endeavor to build our products and solutions based on the needs of customers and future business requirements. Our aim is to inspire organizations to enhance their cybersecurity efforts, using the latest in Zero Trust technology.

Challenge the Norm

At ThreatLocker® we embrace challenges and seek to grow through successes and learn from failures. We do not define ourselves by an already defined market, instead we seek to improve by solving problems in ways that others may not even consider.


At its core, cybersecurity is a human problem. We recognize that in order to continue to be the solution to the problem, we need to represent people from all walks of life. We are inclusive of all people, places, and voices to ensure we act with authenticity and create an equitable experience for all of our employees and customers.

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Working With the Best

At ThreatLocker®, no matter the size or industry, our customers are always our #1 priority. We continue to look for ways to enhance and innovate our endpoint platform daily to ensure our customers are protected and stay ahead of today’s growing threats.

Meet the Leaders of ThreatLocker®

Join the ThreatLocker® Team

We're shaping the future of cybersecurity. If you're looking to become a ThreatLocker® Cyber Hero® and grow your career, join us.


Support in the development, expansion and maintenance of our unique and innovative cybersecurity software, website and product components.


Join the team developing innovative marketing campaigns for ThreatLocker®. Help aggregate data in order to create reports and develop metrics that track corporate campaign success.

Information Technology

Monitor and protect sensitive data and systems from intrusions and help the organization to understand, mitigate and remediate cyber threats.


Play a key role in achieving our customer acquisition and join our rapidly growing sales team with multiple career paths available.


Update and maintain applications within client environments. Build test environments, diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Join our helpdesk and hardware support teams.

Talent Acquisition

Support in the research, development, and implementation of effective recruiting and staffing strategies to attract a diverse pool of qualified and capable talent for the organization.