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Careers at ThreatLocker®

Looking to take the next step in your career? ThreatLocker® may just have what you’re searching for! Look through our variety of opportunities in Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Support, and Talent Acquisition!

ThreatLocker® Employee Spotlights

Why Grow With Us

Challenge & Growth

There is never a slow day at ThreatLocker®! Our fast-paced work environment calls for the best from our Cyber Heroes®, and provides inequivalent challenges and powerful growth opportunities in return for the efforts, skills, and drive put in. Becoming a ThreatLocker® Cyber Hero® will expose you to a community of exceptional individuals that want nothing but the best for your development as a professional in our industry.

The Cyber Hero Team collaborating.

Making a Difference

ThreatLocker® envisions a future in which all organizations can chart their own course free from the influence of cybercriminals and the damage their incursions cause. By becoming a Cyber Hero®, you have a hand in helping ThreatLocker® achieve this vision and shape the future of cybersecurity for the better.

Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone deserves an equal shot at employment and chasing their dreams, which is why ThreatLocker® is proud to uphold an equal opportunity hiring process. ThreatLocker® believes in embracing diversity within our team members and their talent, and providing space to grow careers.

Our Employee Experience

The best part of working at ThreatLocker® is the leadership, direction, and growth in your career. ThreatLocker® strongly encourages learning and taking on new challenges that best align with your career, aspirations, and gives everyone a voice to speak all the way up to executive levels.

Solution Engineer

My favorite part about working at ThreatLocker is the opportunity to grow with a company that provides great protection to hospitals and other critical infrastructure. I sleep well knowing I am making a difference in communities by helping equip MSPs with the best protection possible.

Marketing Project Manager

In 30 plus years as a software developer, ThreatLocker is definitely at the top of my list for great places to work. The growth I have witnessed here, particularly in my department, is nothing short of amazing. The work is challenging but rewarding, and there are always opportunities to learn something new.

Software Developer

Working for ThreatLocker has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. From personal goals, professional development, and technological growth - ThreatLocker has pushed me farther and given me exposure to technology in ways that are simply unrivaled. I'm exceptionally grateful to continuously grow with this company.


One of the best parts of being a part of ThreatLocker is knowing that I am a part of a team. Departments truly support each other to make sure we can all hit our goals together. Additionally, I appreciate how our leadership values and provides ongoing opportunities for learning and growth.

learning Specialist

Working at ThreatLocker has been a positive and enjoyable experience. There is always something challenging happening and every day is filled with new learning opportunities.

MSP Sales Rep.

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