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ThreatLocker eBook: "Best Practices for Common Cybersecurity Threats" Blog Header
December 6, 2022

ThreatLocker eBook: "Best Practices for Common Cybersecurity Threats"

Table of Contents

Best Practices for Common Cybersecurity Threats

It has never been as easy for organizations to fall victim to a cyberattack as it has been in the past few years. Threat actors are continuously becoming more creative with their malicious plans of attack, putting everyone at risk at all times.

Criminal cyber activity has become a growing threat for as long as the internet has been around, targeting everyone from select individuals to leading corporations to federal governments. That is why it is essential for everyone, including employees, executives, and small business owners, to understand how to identify and respond to the most common cybersecurity threats on the internet.

In this eBook, you will find a number of cyber threats that are currently active with the full intention of causing irreversible harm to your organization or trying to extort money. Following each featured threat, is a ThreatLocker solution that provides a proactive defense to stop threats in their tracks before they can disrupt your operations, as well as what each product can do if a cyberattack has already breached your organization’s endpoints or network.

Download the eBook today to learn more or sign up for a demo with the Cyber Hero Team to see how ThreatLocker can keep you safe from cyber threats like ransomware.