Safeguard patient privacy and guarantee compliance

One of the most frustrating things about compliance with HIPAA and other data security regulations is that the level of security is often out of your hands. Best practices go a long way to protect ePHI, but your cybersecurity can only be as good as the software you use. Caring for patients is a full-time job, and eliminating uncertainty about the quality of your cybersecurity software will allow you to focus on this important work.

ThreatLocker®'s Application Whitelisting and Ringfencing is the gold standard when it comes to blocking ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software. Our Storage Control features will give you granular command of all your confidential information, including ePHI.

ThreatLocker® can protect all of your endpoints and servers, including vulnerable IoT devices, against malicious software, exploits, and data theft.

ThreatLocker® benefits healthcare providers by:

  • Protecting IoT devices such as operating room integration systems, blood pressure monitors, and medical refrigerators
  • Providing granular control over ePHI, allowing administrators to control application and user level access to data easily
  • Giving them unprecedented visibility over their apps, data, and devices as well as generating detailed usage reports
  • Safeguarding even outdated systems with application whitelisting and Ringfencing™
  • Making compliance with regulations easy due to peerless control and visibility over data and active applications
  • Enforcing encryption on portable storage devices

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