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Blog header image of a USB depicting What is Storage Control?

What is Storage Control?

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The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, and managing your storage is an integral part of your security stack. Especially if you operate in the digital space. Whether it be a network share, local folder, or USB drive, every space has the potential to be compromised by threat actors. You will need to develop a proactive defense strategy to protect your storage devices from those with said ill-will. For this, ThreatLocker Storage Control plays an indispensable role in protecting your organization. 

What Is Storage Control?

Although Storage Control offers simple USB storage device blocking services, it is more than just an industry standard “USB Blocker.” It provides granular, policy-driven protection for your local folders, network shares, and external storage devices. With default deny at its core, you are capable of wielding Storage Control’s granular policies to allow or deny access to your storage based on the user, time window, applications, and more. These granular policies could be as simple as blocking USBs, as mentioned before, or as detailed as blocking access to your backup share except when being accessed by your backup application.

Why Is Storage Control Important?

Threat actors’ number one goal is to go after your data; whether they want to steal it, destroy it, or encrypt it for ransom. Storage Control is the ultimate defensive layer of protection for your storage devices, acting as a Zero Trust barrier that prevents anyone and anything, including ransomware, from gaining access to your data storage. On top of its proactive defense policies, ThreatLocker Storage Control also provides in-depth audits that inform you of who or what tried to access your storage. Keeping a full record of who viewed your data, moved it, or edited it.


ThreatLocker Storage Control is a policy driven, data access control solution that allows you to see everything that happens on all of your files at any given moment. Implementing it into your organization’s data security posture could mean the difference between facilitating a regulations compliant security stack or potentially risking your data and permanently damaging your organization’s reputation. 


If Storage Control sounds like something you need to help control data access, then you should consider adding ThreatLocker to your security stack. ThreatLocker has been helping companies with securing their endpoints for years and can help implement a personalized plan for you.  For more on zero trust cybersecurity, book a demo to see how ThreatLocker endpoint security could be the perfect fit for your business. 

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