What Does ThreatLocker® Prevent?

ThreatLocker® controls give you enterprise-level security. See how we solve some real-life cybersecurity issues



ThreatLocker® protects against every kind of malware that traditional antivirus programs do, but we go much further. Many kinds of cyberattacks are resistant or immune to antivirus, but not ThreatLocker®.

  • Zero-Day Attacks: ThreatLocker® protects against vulnerabilities that haven’t even been discovered yet
  • Macro Viruses: Malware embedded in trusted programs like Office can’t overcome ThreatLocker®’s Ringfencing™
  • Fileless Malware: Even malware that hides in memory can’t sneak in; if its code isn’t on the trusted list, it isn’t getting access
  • Ransomware: Ringfencing™ lets you dictate how apps interact with data; if a program, ANY program, tries to encrypt data it isn’t authorized to, it will be blocked

Data Theft

If you’re not fully aware of what is happening on your data storage devices at all times, they are vulnerable. ThreatLocker® not only lets you track and control external data access (e.g., via the internet), but internal access as well. When your security team has complete visibility over your data storage, they will be able to block data theft before it happens.

  • Track Permission Changes: If a user grants access to someone they should not have whether intentionally or not, you’ll know immediately
  • Control Physical Copying: With the right ThreatLocker® Storage Control policies in place, a bad actor on your premises with a USB drive won’t be able to copy a thing
  • Monitor Access: See who is accessing your files and when with detailed reports generated in real time by ThreatLocker®
  • Restrict Applications: Let only trusted apps access your data, as determined by your custom policies

Internal IT Disputes

In a perfect world, business leaders would not have to track their employees’ computer activity but the reality is that, especially for larger companies, it is irresponsible not to. ThreatLocker® enables meticulous oversight of your data and applications to help you get to the truth of any IT issue.

  • Track File Access: Get detailed, real-time reports on who accessed data and what they did with it
  • Track Changes and Deletions: Thorough records for any file type let you see the complete history of your data
  • Block Unauthorized Apps: ThreatLocker®’s custom policies let you block any apps you want, regardless of if they are malware or not

Remote Access Attacks

Remote access to your systems for outside users and partners is vital for today’s businesses, but it’s also a fertile avenue of attack for cybercriminals. ThreatLocker® sees to it that even authorized visitors to your servers and systems can’t deliberately or unintentionally let malware in.

  • Per User Limits: Eliminate the need to grant blanket access as ThreatLocker® creates policies for organizations or unique users
  • Protect Remote Assets: ThreatLocker® is fully compatible with remote desktops and Citrix servers so employees can work securely from anywhere
  • Control of Unknown Apps: ThreatLocker® unobtrusively controls the applications of trusted visitors to prevent cybercriminals piggybacking in