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TeamLogic IT® Helps Clients Meet Compliance Requirements With ThreatLocker®

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Company Description

TeamLogic IT is a franchise MSP with locations throughout North America and a couple in Canada, and one in Puerto Rico. TeamLogic IT works mainly with small to mid-sized businesses in all verticals, with a lot of compliance-based verticals such as healthcare and legal. The company has been in business for over 15 years and plans to continue growth over the next three years, adding locations and increasing revenue.

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  • Needed to either give end users administrative access or have a technician on-site to install new applications.

  • Worried about what may happen if a threat passed their other security layers.

  • Wanted to prevent stressful IT outages that cause revenue loss, and in the case of healthcare, can result in poor patient outcomes.


  • ThreatLocker® integrates with TeamLogic IT’s ticketing system to streamline processes.

  • Offering ThreatLocker® in their stack sets TeamLogic IT apart from their competitors.

  • ThreatLocker® Ringfencing™ helps prevent the damage that can be done when a human makes an error.

Streamlined Security

When searching for a Zero Trust posture solution to round out their security strategy, TeamLogic IT wanted a product that had a light footprint and was manageable by their engineering team and help desk. To increase functionality and help TeamLogic IT provide a top-notch security offering, they looked to ThreatLocker®. The integration with their ticketing system helps them respond to their clients quicker, often in real time. Along with the ticketing integration, Threatlocker® has also streamlined the way they harden their client environments. In a recent interview with ThreatLocker®, Dave Hardy, CIO of TeamLogic IT said, ThreatLocker® has helped us streamline our cybersecurity allowing us to easily get a... footprint... of the applications our clients need, and apply that in pretty quick time so that we can... really shore up the security of their systems from a server and endpoint perspective.”  

Meeting Compliance Requirements

TeamLogic IT aligns with the NIST framework, but they have clients with different compliance requirements, such as HIPAA for their clients in the healthcare industry. Hardy discussed ThreatLocker® Elevation being a key component in meeting compliance requirements. Having the ability to remove a user’s administrative access to their system while also giving them the ability to install approved software that requires elevated privileges helps to meet the reduced privileges requirement most compliance frameworks include.  

Past Experiences Shape Today’s Decisions

While Hardy is currently the CIO of TeamLogic IT, he spent about 22 years working in the healthcare industry. He described many of the challenges of managing IT for a growing healthcare organization. Not only is it a 24/7 business, but human lives are on the line. Hardy explained how difficult it was to harden all the endpoints, and then keep up with patching them, causing many hours of work for the engineering team. He said that although their hardening was effective in preventing lateral movement, they often found malware on administrative devices. He said, “ThreatLocker® would be that foundational piece for healthcare, primarily because it allows you to secure your devices.” Although the organization he worked for was spared from a major intrusion, had ThreatLocker® been installed, Hardy commented that perhaps the minor intrusions would have also been prevented, or limited to a single machine.

Managing and securing endpoints and servers for healthcare providers is a big job that can be stressful at times. “If I had had ThreatLocker® [when I worked in the healthcare industry], I think I would have a lot less gray hair, and I would have slept a lot more because integrating all the tools and technologies that we had to do in healthcare is not a small task, and it would have really transformed how we did work,” Hardy noted. Adding ThreatLocker® to the security strategy for organizations in the healthcare vertical would help provide users the “protection needed in order to...compute confidently,” according to Hardy.

The day-to-day management of IT for a healthcare organization with over 30,000 endpoints, and 20,000 virtual endpoints was a challenge. “ThreatLocker® would have been able to replace a lot of the work that we did to harden our systems by providing that tool, you know, in place." Hardy explained. By using Ringfencing™, we would actually be able to install tools and let tools automatically update with low risk,” Hardy continued. He noticed that healthcare organizations used many different tools, hardware, and applications, commonly adding in new tools, applications, and hardware, but they rarely retire any, which added to the challenge of meeting the needs of the healthcare environment. Hardy says that if they had ThreatLocker® 20 years ago, “it would have been a huge win for us if we had a tool like this.” Now that TeamLogic IT has found ThreatLocker®, Hardy is passing along the security he wishes he’d had to his clients today.


The protection that the ThreatLocker® Endpoint Protection Platform provides has become a non-negotiable for TeamLogic IT. Hardy explained, “For all of our new clients, I actually will not quote services without ThreatLocker® in place. That’s how important it is for us.” For clients that are mandated to meet compliance requirements, implementing ThreatLocker® is an easy sell. They understand why they need this additional layer of control to help strengthen their cyber hygiene. According to Hardy, “Just having ThreatLocker® as part of our stack really differentiates us from the rest of the other MSPs and the organizations that are competing for the same business.” He goes on to explain that in order for him to feel like TeamLogic IT is doing a good job of protecting their clients, their community, “I feel like I have to offer ThreatLocker® as an option, or as a requirement in some cases.” Hardy understands that were one of his clients to suffer a breach, it would be the client’s name and TeamLogic IT’s name that would be damaged because of that breach. Hardy went on to say, “Having a tool like ThreatLocker® really shows that we’re serious... when it comes to taking care of our clients.” For TeamLogic IT, ThreatLocker® is an integral part of their security offerings.

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