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July 23, 2024
11:00 am

How to Successfully Deploy and Manage Application Allowlisting

Prevent Malware from Running in Your Environment Before It Can Execute ❌

ThreatLocker® Webinar - How to Successfully Deploy and Manage Application Allowlisting

Learn How to Effectively Implement Allowlisting Tools Within Your Environment  

On July 23rd, cybersecurity experts at ThreatLocker® will:

  • Walk you through the process of adopting and managing the ideal application allowlisting strategy.
  • Weigh modern application control tactics and technologies with formerly traditional approaches to endpoint security.
  • Discuss what you can then add on top of allowlisting to further your organization's Zero Trust security posture.

What is Application Allowlisting?

Application Allowlisting grants IT professionals the ability to curate an “allowed list” of all software and applications that are explicitly required for the day-to-day operations of their company and block everything else from running, including malware, by default.  

A blocklisting tool would prevent only known cyber threats from running, and a traditional EDR looking for these known threats can complicate alert-based security through false positives and false negatives. Allowlisting removes risks from both of these tools by blocking all known and unknown malware as well as untrusted applications and software, preventing everything else from running that is not specifically authorized by your team.

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Watch The Webinar

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Tune into the live event to:

Discover the ease of building a Zero Trust foundation
Learn how Application Allowlisting tools can mitigate organization-ending ransomware with the right policies, mindset, configurations, and secondary toolsets.
Take part in an interactive Q&A and enter the trivia challenge for a chance to win FREE tickets to Zero Trust World 2025!

Webinar Speakers

Hear from industry experts
Danny Jenkins
Co-Founder & CEO | ThreatLocker®
  • CEO and Co-Founder of ThreatLocker®, a cybersecurity firm providing Zero Trust endpoint security.
  • Has over two decades of experience building and securing corporate networks.
  • Dedicated to educating industry professionals about the latest cyber threats and frequently speaks on the topics of ransomware and Zero Trust.
Rob Allen
Chief Product Officer | ThreatLocker®
  • Almost two decades of experience assisting small and medium enterprises embrace and utilize technology.  
  • Has been at the coalface, assisting clients in remediating the effects of, and helping them recover from, cyber and ransomware attacks.

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