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ThreatLocker Use Cases

My ThreatLocker team is perfect... And the best part, their product is just as perfect!

Nick D.
Help Desk Coordinator

I think what ThreatLocker does, besides the kind of one-two punch of allowlisting and Ringfencing™ is give us a view into something that none of us had before.

Tim R.

CISO, JetBlue

We strongly believe ThreatLocker improves our clients' cybersecurity posture. This is achieved at a significantly less cost than the layered approach associated with the legacy model of detect and respond, which requires multiple new tools to even attempt to meet current security challenges.

Doug L.

CEO, TruTechnology

ThreatLocker is a necessary layer in the new zero trust world that we live in.

William P.

Cloud Project Manager

ThreatLocker is our last line of defense for protecting our customers from today's ever evolving threats. The application and data control management interface is intuitive and allows us to easily manage thousands of endpoints.

Tom G.

Managing Partner

ThreatLocker's approach to permitting applications makes the process easy by showing you what's being used in the environment where it's in place. If you have any questions about configuring something, contact the Cyber Heroes for support, and they'll show you precisely what you need to do/know.

Doug H.