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November 17, 2022

What is Ringfencing™?

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You may not already know this, but your applications are capable of communicating with each other in the background, which is exactly what threat actors are aiming to weaponize. When a user within your organization falls for a phishing attack by opening a malicious file with macros or scripted instructions, the application you are using to view said file can become weaponized or communicate malicious instructions to other applications like your web browser, PowerShell, or Command Prompt in an attempt to spread ransomware. This is where ThreatLocker’s Ringfencing™ tool comes in.

What Is Ringfencing™?

ThreatLocker’s Ringfencing™ solution is a powerful tool that gives you granular control over your applications and allows you to better protect your endpoints. With Ringfencing™, you can set policies across your organization within your endpoints that prevent specific applications from communicating or interacting with your files, data, other applications, or the internet. If an application becomes compromised by ransomware, the policies set in place with Ringfencing™ will stop the application from spreading the ransomware’s scripted instructions.

Ringfencing™ goes hand-in-hand with ThreatLocker’s Allowlisting tool where Allowlisting acts as your first line of defense as a firewall-like application policy engine, and Ringfencing™ as your second. If ransomware is somehow able to penetrate your Allowlisting policies, Ringfencing™ steps in to mitigate the spread of malicious instructions within your endpoints, ultimately stopping ransomware before it is too late.

Why Is Ringfencing™ Important?

Ringfencing™ has the ability to mitigate and prevent application attacks, vulnerability exploits, and other ransomware attacks caused by human error derived from social engineering and phishing. It steps in to prevent disasters from occurring within your organization that could be out of your control.  A strong example of Ringfencing™ capabilities was demonstrated in 2021 when Kaseya and its customers fell victim to the REvil vulnerability exploit. Kaseya’s customers who also implemented ThreatLocker’s Ringfencing™ tool in their security stack were protected from the ransomware attack.


ThreatLocker’s Ringfencing™ solution is a unique security tool that strictly enforces a zero trust posture between applications. With the right policies put into place with Ringfencing™, it can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, keeping your organization safe, and allowing you to sleep easy at night as your organization stays protected. 

If Ringfencing™ sounds like something you need, then you may want to consider adding ThreatLocker to your security stack. We have been helping companies with securing their endpoints for years and can help implement a personalized plan for you.  For more on zero trust cybersecurity, book a demo to see how ThreatLocker endpoint security could be the perfect fit for your business.