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Endpoint Protection

Allow what you need, block everything else... Including ransomware.

Preventing Threats With Zero Trust Endpoint Security

Payback on Investment with Enterprise Security
Endpoints Protected
Organizations Protected
Avg. Avoided Risk of Data Breach Costs


Block Untrusted Software

With ThreatLocker® Allowlisting, deny all applications and scripts from running except those that are explicitly allowed, including ransomware.

Ringfencing™ Applications

Prevent exploits and attackers from weaponizing legitimate tools such as PowerShell by limiting what software can do.

Dynamic Control Over Network Traffic

A host-based firewall that dynamically allows access using automatic ACLs.

Unified Audit

The ThreatLocker® Unified Audit is a centralized location displaying all audited data about what's occurring within the environment.

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Access Controls to

Combat Today's Cyber Threats

Streamlining the way IT professionals handle their cybersecurity, while preventing ransomware

  • Helps achieve compliance with NIST, HIPAA, CIS, PCI, and other regulations
  • Blocks unwanted software from running regardless of administrative privilege
  • Stops known and unknown viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software
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Our dedicated Cyber Hero® Team is an essential part of ThreatLocker® and goes above and beyond to provide best-in-class 24/7 computer technical support services to our customers. As experts in their field, they bring vast cybersecurity knowledge to help support, guide, and encourage our customers to enhance their cybersecurity infrastructures. The ThreatLocker® Cyber Hero® Team takes pride in their role and ability to provide the best for the IT industry, whether it's offering technical support, consulting services, project management, helping customers, or participating in cybersecurity-focused events.


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Cybersecurity Insights

ThreatLocker® offers several blogs with free information to help inform the public about the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.