Protect your community and country from every kind of malware out there

Government organizations have become a prime target for cybercriminals and foreign bad actors because they have more responsibilities and fewer resources than the private sector. ThreatLocker® addresses this by providing an all encompassing, enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution that does the work of multiple programs and does it better. Our Application and Storage Control features stop ransomware in its tracks, countering even the most sophisticated attacks like macro viruses and fileless malware.

ThreatLocker®’s use of application whitelisting also ensures that emergent threats, no matter how new, can’t cause damage to your organization or the people it serves. In fact, application whitelisting is recommended by the US Federal Government’s Chief Information Officer as part of the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2018.

ThreatLocker® benefits government organizations by:

  • Providing granular control of data storage to ensure only authorized personnel can view or alter private documents
  • Granting unprecedented visibility over apps and data and generating detailed usage records
  • Cutting costs through the elimination of security apps that ThreatLocker® makes redundant
  • Making regulatory compliance easy with custom whitelisting and data storage control policies
  • Saving your IT personnel’s time with rapid deployment, single-click installs, < 30 second approval processes, and more

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