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March 16, 2023

ThreatLocker Ops: New Products and More

What is ThreatLocker's newest product? How does it work? What can it do for your organization? All this and more in ThreatLocker's BIGGEST WEBINAR YET!

Hear from ThreatLocker Leaders

ThreatLocker announced at Zero Trust World 2023 the launch of ThreatLocker Ops - the latest cybersecurity tool! For this very special occasion, we hosted a live webinar in March 2023, covering everything there is to know about this revolutionary tool!

ThreatLocker's CEO and Co-Founder, Danny Jenkins, and CTO, Michael Jenkins, unravel the finer details of ThreatLocker's newest addition to its cybersecurity solutions platform! Watch the official breakdown of what ThreatLocker Ops is, how you can implement it into your current cybersecurity stack, and what it can do to revolutionize your organization's cybersecurity operation!

You will discover:

  • What ThreatLocker Ops is and how it operates
  • Why ThreatLocker Ops is a pivotal product in ThreatLocker's solutions platform
  • The key features that differentiate ThreatLocker Ops from any other product on the market
  • How implementing ThreatLocker Ops into your security stack will forever change how you optimize your approach to cybersecurity

Awards & Recognition

ThreatLocker PeerSpot: Rising Star Award 2023
Software Reviews Gold Medal
Software Reviews Top Rated
MES Midmarket 100 Award
ThreatLocker G2 Award for Top 100 Fastest Growing Products
ThreatLocker Channel Program Award for Top Performer: Zero Trust Security
ThreatLocker Channel Program Award for Fastest Growing
ThreatLocker Channel Program Award for Category Leader: Zero Trust Security

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