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May 21, 2024
11:00 am

ThreatLocker® MAJOR Announcement

Learn more about what additions are coming to ThreatLocker®

ThreatLocker® HUGE Announcement

Danny Jenkins announces MAJOR changes coming to the ThreatLocker® Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Platform, including:

  • Configuration Manager and Windows Defender integrations
  • ThreatLocker® Detect and Windows Defender integrations
  • ThreatLocker® expanding to the Cloud
  • Network Control and Microsoft 365
  • ThreatLocker® Access for Mobile
  • ThreatLocker® Unified Bundle

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Webinar Speakers

Hear from industry experts
Danny Jenkins
CEO & Co-Founder | ThreatLocker®
  • CEO & Co-Founder of ThreatLocker®, a cybersecurity firm providing Zero Trust endpoint security.
  • Has over two decades of experience building and securing corporate networks.
  • Dedicated to educating industry professionals about the latest cyber threats and frequently speaks on the topics of ransomware and Zero Trust.  
Rob Allen
Chief Product Officer | ThreatLocker®
  • Almost two decades of experience assisting small and medium enterprises embrace and utilize technology.  
  • Has been at the coalface, assisting clients in remediating the effects of, and helping them recover from cyber and ransomware attacks.

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