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February 1, 2024
11:00 pm

Pineapple Danger 2024

Protect Your Organization from WiFi Pineapple Attacks

ThreatLocker Webinar Thumbnail Image: Pineapple Danger 2024

Cybercriminals are using penetration testing tools for their malicious wrongdoings!

What is a WiFi Pineapple?

A WiFi Pineapple is a WiFi pentesting tool designed to provide an assessment report of the vulnerabilities within an organization’s environment.

In this webinar, ThreatLocker® demonstrates how threat actors use WiFi Pineapples to target your organization... Without even entering your building!

Tune in to learn about:

  • How threat actors are weaponizing this legitimate pentesting tool to target your organization.
  • What controls and mitigation strategies you can implement to protect your organization from WiFi Pineapple attacks.
  • De-authorization attacks with WiFi Pineapples.
  • The WiFi Pineapple's Evil Portal's ability to steal login credentials."
  • How NOT to fly a drone...
  • How ThreatLocker® Detect (formerly Ops) can assist in critical situations like these.

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