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ThreatLocker Ops

Comprehensive threat detection and behavior monitoring so you can be proactive in the fight against cyber threats.

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What Is ThreatLocker Ops?

ThreatLocker Ops monitors an environment for potential vulnerabilities or anomalies that could lead to a cyberattack. It uses telemetry data collected from all ThreatLocker modules to identify and respond to indicators of compromise. If a business is using a vulnerable version of Microsoft Exchange, ThreatLocker Ops will alert the admin and take automatic remediations to strengthen the environment. Additionally, ThreatLocker Application Control will block the execution of malicious payloads.

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Why ThreatLocker Ops?

Building upon the ThreatLocker Zero Trust deny first approach, ThreatLocker Ops provides additional functionality to combat and mitigate the exploitation of known and unknown vulnerabilities. While a Zero Trust posture effectively reduces the likelihood of a successful cyberattack, ThreatLocker Ops further hardens an environment by notifying and automatically responding to identifiers of attempted compromise in the event of an attack.

How Does It Work?

ThreatLocker Ops uses the telemetry data collected across all the ThreatLocker modules to identify and respond to potential indicators of compromise or weakness in the environment. When the IOCs change, the policy will be automatically updated to reflect those changes. New policies will be added as ThreatLocker observes and responds to real-world malware events.

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Alerts and Detects

Using industry-known indicators of compromise, ThreatLocker Ops can detect and alert IT professionals that their organization may be under an attempted attack based on customizable thresholds and notification methods.

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Set policies to enable, disable, or create Application Control, Storage Control, or Network Control policies in response to specified observations.

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Set Custom Thresholds

Policies can be tailored to alert and respond differently based on the threat level to reduce alert fatigue.

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Leverage Knowledge

IT admins can easily share their own ThreatLocker Ops policies or “shop” for vetted policies shared by their industry peers and the ThreatLocker team.

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