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ThreatLocker Wins Rising Star Award in EPP Category on PeerSpot Blog Header Image

ThreatLocker Wins Rising Star Award in EPP Category on PeerSpot

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ORLANDO, Fla., Sep. 12, 2023- ThreatLocker, a pioneer in endpoint protection technologies, is proud to announce its achievement in winning the Rising Star Award in the Endpoint Protection Platform category on PeerSpot, the Buying Intelligence Platform.  

ThreatLocker® accomplishment as the Rising Star Award recognizes the top ten products with the fastest growth in user traffic over a twelve-month period. This recognition puts the spotlight on "up-and-comers" in cybersecurity and reflects growing market interests based on evolving business needs, industry trends, or competitive challenges.  

ThreatLocker is a leading provider of endpoint security solutions that help organizations protect their critical infrastructure from emerging cyber threats. ThreatLocker® unique approach to preventative security has earned its reputation as a promising company in the cybersecurity industry.  

"We're honored to receive this award from PeerSpot," said Danny Jenkins, CEO and co-founder of ThreatLocker. "It's a testament to the quality of our product and the dedication of the Cyber Hero team. We look forward to continuing to innovate and provide our customers with the best security solutions to fight modern threats."  

The Rising Star Award is based on the reviews of the Peer Spot user community.

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About ThreatLocker

ThreatLocker is a leader in endpoint protection technologies, providing enterprise-level cybersecurity tools to improve the security of servers and endpoints. The ThreatLocker® platform with Application Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, Storage Control, Elevation Control, Endpoint Network Control, Configuration Management, and Operational Alert solutions are leading the cybersecurity market toward a more secure approach of blocking the exploits of application vulnerabilities.