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Global Leader in Cybersecurity ThreatLocker Launches EMEA Headquarters in Dublin with 120 Jobs

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DUBLIN, Jan. 13, 2023- One of the world’s leading cybersecurity providers, US company ThreatLocker, has today announced the opening of a new Dublin headquarters and the creation of 120 jobs. The company’s new Dublin office is located in Blanchardstown. 

ThreatLocker Danny and Sami Jenkins with Minster Simon Coveney
Simon Coveney (Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment of Ireland), Sami Jenkins (COO & Co-Founder of ThreatLocker) and Danny Jenkins (CEO &Co-Founder of ThreatLocker).

The new Dublin headquarters marks the first step of a major European expansion plan for ThreatLocker as the EU prepares to introduce major new legislation, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) which will place additional cybersecurity requirements on financial services providers. 

Sami Jenkins, Rob Allen (VP of Operations EMEA at ThreatLocker), and Danny Jenkins
Sami Jenkins, Rob Allen (VP of Operations EMEA at ThreatLocker), and Danny Jenkins

Threatlocker’s move into Ireland is a strategic move designed to capitalise on DORA and the growing demand need for businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity.  

Commenting on the news, ThreatLocker’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Danny Jenkins, said; ‘’Launching in Dublin today is a major strategic milestone for ThreatLocker as we begin our expansion into the European marketplace. Our company has many Irish links and Dublin is the EU headquarters of so many major global companies, so it is the perfect location. ThreatLocker has ambitious targets for growth and we are very excited to push ahead with this new phase in our company’s history. We are aiming to strengthen our foothold in the EMEA region and help businesses protect themselves from increasing cyber attacks including ransomware”  

Danny went on to say; ‘’There are huge opportunities in Ireland and across the EU at the moment. Cybersecurity is an increasing problem for many businesses with the number of sophisticated cyberattacks increasing day by day, costing businesses huge amounts of money. The introduction of DORA across the EU will also see financial services providers upping their game to protect themselves and their customers from attack.’’  

ThreatLocker was founded in 2017 by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Danny Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sami Jenkins and John Carolan.  

ThreatLocker operates a powerful Zero Trust endpoint security platform designed so that everyone, from businesses to government agencies and academic institutions can stop ransomware other cyberattacks by controlling what software can run in their environments. ThreatLocker’s combined Application Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, Storage Control, Elevation Control, and Endpoint Network Access Control (NAC) solutions are leading the cybersecurity market towards a more secure approach of blocking the exploits of unknown application vulnerabilities. The company is headquartered in Florida in the United States.  


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