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Group photo of ThreatLocker Staff and Tech Sassy Girlz Event
August 16, 2023
Press Release

Tech Sassy Girlz Receives $10,000 Grant from Cybersecurity Provider ThreatLocker

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ORLANDO, Fla., August 16, 2023 – ThreatLocker, a global cybersecurity leader, launched a new partnership with Tech Sassy Girlz, a non-profit focused on educating middle and high school girls about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.  

ThreatLocker hosted students at their headquarters in Orlando, Florida, from Tech Sassy Girlz’ signature program, Pearls in Tech for a Tech Trek around the facilities. Pearls in Tech is a workforce development program in software development and web design for high school girls.

"Our partnership with ThreatLocker, a leading cybersecurity company, brings invaluable support to students in Central Florida, empowering girls to pursue STEM fields with confidence. With ThreatLocker's expertise and commitment to a secure digital future, we can equip our students with the necessary cybersecurity skills and knowledge, enabling them to chart their own course in a secure and thriving digital landscape," said Dr. Laine Powell, Founder and Executive Director, Tech Sassy Girlz.  

"Being in IT for nearly two decades, I am a firm believer in breaking barriers and building bridges for the next generation," said Sami Jenkins, COO and co-founder of ThreatLocker. "I'm impressed with the brilliant minds I've met in this program, and I'm excited to partner with Tech Sassy Girlz as we empower young minds, ignite curiosity, and unlock a world of boundless possibilities and innovation."  

ThreatLocker also plans to continue supporting the Tech Sassy Girlz program with various vouchers for cybersecurity certifications and its Cyber Hero Internship program to assist with the development of more female representation in Information Technology.  

To learn more about the Cyber Hero Internship, visit careers at ThreatLocker.

Photo Credits: Leslie D. Gray (Leslie Gray Photography)

About ThreatLocker

ThreatLocker is a leader in endpoint protection technologies, providing enterprise-level cybersecurity tools to improve the security of servers and endpoints. The ThreatLocker® platform with Application Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, Storage Control, Elevation Control, Endpoint Network Control, Configuration Management, and Operational Alert solutions are leading the cybersecurity market toward a more secure approach of blocking the exploits of application vulnerabilities.  

About Tech Sassy Girlz  

Tech Sassy Girlz is on a mission to empower middle and high school girls to pursue STEM careers through college preparation, career readiness, events, mentoring, and hands-on learning experiences. Tech Sassy Girlz is a skills-based STEM program offered at no cost, to equip adolescent girls to become the next generation of STEM professionals.

For more information, please contact:    

Gabrielle Rose-Green    

ThreatLocker, Inc.

Hannah Metevia

Tech Sassy Girlz