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ThreatLocker® Press Release - ThreatLocker® Urges Businesses to Stay Vigilant During the 4th of July Holiday

ThreatLocker® Urges Businesses to Stay Vigilant During the 4th of July Holiday

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Protect Against Cyberattacks   

ORLANDO, Fla,  -  ThreatLocker®, a leading provider of Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions, is encouraging businesses to be more aware of the possibility for cyberattacks during the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend.

“Cyberattackers love to work during the long holiday weekends when they are hoping no one notices,” said ThreatLocker® CEO Danny Jenkins. “Hackers can encrypt your files, push out ransomware and cause a lot of damage.”

A cybercriminal gets paid best by causing enough damage to a victim that justifies payment. After encrypting a few files on a laptop, the likelihood of receiving payment is low. However, encrypting an entire network justifies receiving payment. This is why organizations face a substantial spike in cyberattacks during extended weekends brought on by holiday observations. 

Tips to reduce chances of a holiday cyberattack:

  • Shut down your devices
  • Incorporate Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Block all untrusted software
  • Verify recovery and multiple backup systems
  • Check for unmanaged remote access tools
  • Implement Network Controls
  • Create a lights out checklist for weekends/holidays

ThreatLocker® is available with an average response time of 60 seconds or less for 365 days a year. This service is available for non-customers as a community service during disasters to help companies recover.

About ThreatLocker®
ThreatLocker® is a global cybersecurity leader, providing enterprise-level Zero Trust cybersecurity tools to improve the security of servers and endpoints. Founded in 2017 by Danny Jenkins, Sami Jenkins, and John Carolan, ThreatLocker® now serves thousands of organizations globally and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA. For more information, visit: