Do You Know What Software Is Running in Your Environment?

ThreatLocker® is offering free I.T. security health reports to organizations looking to harden their environment and mitigate the risks of shadow I.T., foreign software, nation-state attacks, and unpatched vulnerabilities.

Our free report audits data about what is occurring in your environment, including:

  • Information about executables, scripts, and libraries.
  • Files that have been accessed, changed, or deleted.
  • All network activity, including source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, users, and processes.
  • Identify and prevent installed software from communicating with entities in Russia, China, or other threat actors.

Visualize What Is Occurring Within Your Organization on a Single Pane of Glass.

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What Are the Risks of Foreign Software?

  • Businesses that adopt foreign software risk allowing unwanted threat actors to access their digital systems.
  • Security and privacy standards and practices differ from country to country. So, implementing a solution from unvetted sources can lead to data privacy and security concerns.
  • Moreover, some governments are increasingly prohibiting the use of foreign software, particularly within their federal agencies. These rules stem from mounting worries regarding nation-state attacks, cyber espionage, and supply chain risks.
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Risks Associated With a Lack of Visibility Into What Is Running in Your Environment

Shadow IT

Employees downloading tools, computer programs, and other software without approval from their IT department create holes in their organization's cybersecurity strategy. Shadow I.T. can become a gateway for threat actors to breach an organization and cause serious damage.

Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Unknown software that exists without efficient updates enables threat actors to leverage unpatched vulnerabilities to weaponize the software.

Compliance Violations

Compliance frameworks serve as guidelines for optimal security practices. NIST, CIS CSC, the Essential Eight Maturity Model, and HIPAA require visibility into an organization's environment. More specifically, they require event logs for applications, network traffic, and data access. Organizations that do not implement a solution that grants this visibility risk falling out of compliance.

Control Over Storage Devices and Data

ThreatLocker® Storage Control provides policy-driven control over storage devices, whether the storage device is a local folder, a network share, or external storage such as a USB drive. Storage Control allows you to set granular policies, such as blocking USB drives or blocking access to your backup share except when your backup application is accessed.

How ThreatLocker Stops Unknown Foreign Software Threats

ThreatLocker Allowlisting - White Icon

Blocks All Software From Running Unless It Is Specifically on Allowlisting

ThreatLocker® Allowlisting blocks all software from running on an endpoint or server unless explicitly approved. This prevents malicious software from running in an organization's critical infrastructure.

ThreatLocker Ringfencing Icon

Prevents Applications From Being Weaponized With Ringfencing™

ThreatLocker® Ringfencing™ can implement Zero Trust controls comparable to, but more granular than, traditional application containment tools. These controls can prevent applications from interacting with another application, your files, data, or the Internet.

ThreatLocker Unified Audit Icon

Provides Visibility Into the Environment With the Unified Audit

The ThreatLocker® Unified Audit collects an event log each time a product blocks unapproved software from running through Allowlisting. The Unified Audit grants visibility and continuous monitoring of what software is running within their environment.

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