Enhance Security of ATM Machines

As of 2014 95% of ATM machines were still running Windows XP. While many of these devices have now been updated to Windows 7 embedded and Windows 10 IoT, ATM machines around the world are still vulnerable to malware and cyber-attacks.

ThreatLocker® Control Suite gives financial institutions and banks the tools they need to take control over what is happening on their ATM Machines. For connected ATM machines, financial institutions are able to get complete visibility as to what is running on ATM machines, with real-time notifications of changes, and the ability to create policies to permit or restrict software executables, libraries, and even script files.

Using the Application Whitelisting component of ThreatLocker® Application Control, the risk of malware on an ATM machine is virtually eliminated. The ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ components will harden the ATM against attacks from known and unknown operating system vulnerabilities.

ATM Machines running Windows XP can be hardened and protected against malware threats, and even protected against many of the vulnerabilities that Windows XP have not been protected against. Our RingFencing™ technology is able to block and exploits from running applications that they should not be, resulting in a less penetrable system.

To find out how ThreatLocker® can improve security on your ATM machine, contact us today.

ThreatLocker® benefits financial institutions by:

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