ThreatLocker Update January 2nd 2019

ThreatLocker is pleased to announce the following updates. Updates will be automatically downloaded and will apply next time you restart your computer.

New Features

Toggle Monitor Mode On/Off on the Computers page

From the computers page you can now toggle computers in and out of monitor mode. When a computer is in monitor mode all policies will be permitted regardless of action. The policy will still be logged in the audit. When making changes to monitor mode, the change will not take affect until you select deploy policies.

Move Computers Between Organizations

If you install a computer in the wrong organization, you can now move them to a new organization by selecting the move icon next to the computer. You can move a computer to any other account that is managed by the same service provider.

Activate Install Mode from the Edit Computer page

Previously you could start installation mode from the tray on a users computer, or from a request to run software. We have now added the ability to start installation mode from the edit computer page. This allows you to start installation mode if you know an install is about to start. For more information on installation mode see


  • Improved performance when loading windows files that are signed.

  • Reduces the amount of memory used on a new install uses by only loading hashes for the relevant operating system.

The following fixes have been applied.

  • Fixed issue with some special characters in certificates not matching when applied to a policy.

  • Fixed issue where baseline uploads may timeout.

How to get the latest update

Updates will automatically be deployed when a computer is restarted. If you do not wish to restart your computer you can run the follow script to download the update immediately.

Note: Make sure your download the latest MSI for future deployments.

net stop threatlockerdriver

net start threatlockerdriver

net stop threatlockerservice

net start threatlockerservice