Compliance with UK National Cyber Security Whitelisting and Execution Control

The UK National Cyber Security Centre lists a number of key protections to reduce the risk of cyber attacks in your business. Without a doubt, one of the most complicated requirements outlined in the National Cyber Security guidelines is whitelisting and execution control.

Whitelisting is traditionally a notoriously difficult security solution to implement. ThreatLocker allows you to implement whitelisting easy and fast without the large overhead. Not only does ThreatLocker stop any files from being executed that are not permitted. It protects you from rogue DLLs, scripts and fileless malware.

ThreatLocker Ring Fencing goes one step further and protects you from post-execution threats, including fileless malware and exploit threats, by placing Ring Fences around applications so they cannot access more than they need to.

This 3-minute example shows you how ThreatLocker Application Whitelisting is fast and easy to deploy.

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