Track Changes to File Permissions

Far too often businesses have no insight into the changes that are happening on their storage devices. Being in the know as to who is accessing, modifying, deleting or moving files on your storage devices, such as file servers, network attached storage, or USB drives is a vital component of data security.

Quite often businesses fail to track permission changes to data. Accidental or deliberate changes to file permissions go unnoticed leading to data breaches.

ThreatLocker Storage Control not only gives you visibility of what users and applications are accessing or changing your data, but also the visibility of which applications and users are changing permissions. All changes are recorded in a simple audit, which can be accessed from a web portal and searched easily.

ThreatLocker Storage Control policies extend control past simple visibility, to the ability to gradually control what applications and users can make a change to permissions, preventing automated changes from malware or unauthorized users.

While ThreatLocker Storage Control is really simple, sign up for a free trial now and you could be auditing changes to your system in minutes.

How to Track Permission Changes to Files on your Windows File Server

To configure ThreatLocker to track file permissions on your Windows File Server

  1. Sign into the ThreatLocker Portal

  2. Navigate to Storage Control > Policies

  3. Select the New Storage Policy button

  4. Select the Action as Permit Read & Write

  5. Select the Computer Group your file server is in

  6. Select the Save button.

Any file access or changes including permission changes will now be recorded in a real-time audit.