ThreatLocker Update January 2nd 2019

ThreatLocker is pleased to announce the following updates. Updates will be automatically downloaded and will apply next time you restart your computer.

New Features

New Invite Option When Adding Users

Administrators can now invite administrators rather than creating a user account for them. This way the new administrator is able to set their own initial passwords. To invite administrators to the portal:-

  • Open the Administrators Page;

  • Select Invite;

  • Enter the Administrators Email Address;

The administrator will receive a link where they can register.

Deploy Policies Now Clears Permit Cache

A few weeks ago we added a permit cache to improve performance of the ThreatLocker client is cases were applications were repeatably executing. This caused a delay in adding a deny policy if the application was already loaded into memory. We have made a change, so now when pressing Deploy Policies button, the computers automatically clear the cache.

Added the Ability to Add Managed I.T. Branding to the Tray Popup

Managed I.T. Service Providers can now place their own logo and company name on the Tray popup window by changing a registry key. Future builds will include the configuration in the ThreatLocker Web Portal.

The following fixes have been applied.

  • Fixed issue where certain characters in the password would not prevent administrators from approving applications from the system tray.

How to get the latest update

Updates will automatically be deployed when a computer is restarted. If you do not wish to restart your computer you can run the follow script to download the update immediately.

Note: Make sure your download the latest MSI for future deployments.

net stop threatlockerdriver

net start threatlockerdriver

net stop threatlockerservice

net start threatlockerservice