ThreatLocker Update January 24th 2019

ThreatLocker is pleased to announce the following updates. Updates will be automatically downloaded and will apply next time you restart your computer.

New Features

Added a function, so you can now change multiple application policies to deny in a single step.

You can now select multiple application policies at once, and change them to deny mode. When changing multiple policies at once to deny, the action will automatically be changed to deny and the policies will be moved to the bottom of the list, just above the final “Default” policy.

Added the ability to export a list of application policies and when they were last executed.

You can now export a list of application policies to CSV, including which applications they apply to and the last time they were matched. This will product a summary of what is permitted in your organization.

Added a Feature so you can force a restart of the ThreatLocker Service

You can force a restart of the ThreatLockerService from the ThreatLocker computer page. This feature will only be available for clients running ThreatLocker or above.


  • Improved scanning of assembly files to wrong block when an assembly is opened by an application it was generated by.

  • Automatically populates the email address on the login page, after a user creates a password from the create password link.

The following fixes have been applied.

  • Fixed issue where the create password links does not set password if it is not secure enough.

  • Fixed issue where the secure password requirement is different between the create password link, and the edit administrator page.

How to get the latest update

Updates will automatically be deployed when a computer is restarted. If you do not wish to restart your computer you can run the follow script to download the update immediately.

Note: Make sure your download the latest MSI for future deployments.

net stop threatlockerdriver

net start threatlockerdriver

net stop threatlockerservice

net start threatlockerservice