ThreatLocker Update Feb 4th 2019

ThreatLocker is pleased to announce the following updates. Updates will be automatically downloaded and will apply next time you restart your computer.

New Features

Added a 4 day monitoring period when installing new computers.

When installing new computers that have automatic profiling enabled, the computer will now remain in “Monitor Only” mode for 4 days. You can remove it from Monitor Only mode by toggling the Monitor Only checkbox on the computers page.

Added the ability to restart the ThreatLocker driver from the Computer Page.

When restarting the ThreatLocker Service from the computer page, it will now also restart the ThreatLocker Driver.

Added the Ability to see Approved items in the Approval Center

You can now see which items have approved by selecting approved from the drop down list on the top right of the Approval Center.


  • No noted improvements.

The following fixes have been applied.

  • No noted fixes.

How to get the latest update

Updates will automatically be deployed when a computer is restarted. If you do not wish to restart your computer you can run the follow script to download the update immediately.

If you are running or above, you can restart the service from the ThreatLocker Portal.

Note: Make sure your download the latest MSI for future deployments.

net stop threatlockerdriver

net start threatlockerdriver

net stop threatlockerservice

net start threatlockerservice