Innovative application and storage level security solutions delivered to Singapore based businesses.

Innovative application and storage level security solutions delivered to Hong Kong businesses by ThreatLocker® the world leader in application control, and leading based technology provider TTAsia (

There is no dispute that Application Whitelisting provides the strongest protection available against malware or unauthorized software. Whitelisting works like an antivirus, but instead of chasing your tail trying to detect threats based on yesterdays malware, Application Whitelisting blocks anything that is not permitted by your business. Application-whitelisting is so effective many governments around the world, including the United States mandate it as part of the I.T. Security Strategy.

Controlling what is running on your endpoints shouldn't be hard!

ThreatLocker® provides innovative application and storage level security solutions with work with the way you do business.

ThreatLocker® makes application whitelisting really simple, and extends endpoint protection beyond just traditional whitelisting. ThreatLocker combines pre-execution protection of application whitelisting with post-application execution of RingFencing™ to control what can execute, and once executed what applications can do on your endpoints.

Unlike traditional application whitelisting and control solutions, ThreatLocker can be deployed in minutes. We automatically catalog what's on your systems and build policies for you.

Advanced firewall like policies, give you granular yet simple control of applications that can run, and what those applications can access.

These are a few ways ThreatLocker can help you business. To find out additional ways ThreatLocker helps you business, please contact us.

  • Block unknown or known malware threats.

  • Block USB drives.

  • Lock down your file server so unapproved applications can not access it.

  • Create advanced policies and control storage and applications.


Single click request

Users can request access to applications in a single click. And administrators respond and approve in a click.