ThreatLocker User Guide for Administrators


About ThreatLocker

ThreatLocker® puts your business ahead in the fight against malware and exploits by combining Application Whitelisting and RingFencing together into our Application Control. ThreatLocker® enables your business to control not just the Applications, but also the Storage.

The solution is fast to deploy and has a low total cost of ownership solution.

Getting started

Our service is delivered from the Cloud and requires a small agent to run on each computer. After signing up for a free trial of ThreatLocker, you will receive an email with login details for the ThreatLocker Portal.


To access the ThreatLocker portal, visit

Log in using the credentials you were provided.

login screen


With ThreatLocker, when receiving the administrator credentials, your organization is already created. If you have subdivisions within your organization, or your a reseller or managed service provider you can provision organizations yourself.



Before installing ThreatLocker to the organizations’ computers, you’ll have to define Computer Groups. A Computer Group is used to have multiple computers sharing a group storage policy and/or a group application policy.


To create Computer Groups:

  1. Select New Computer Group;
  2. Enter the Computer Group Name;
  3. Select automatic create policies when a new baseline is uploaded option:
    • Do not automatically create policies;
    • Create computer policies only; or
    • Create group policies.
  4. Select if you want to show blocked libraries in Tray;
  5. Enter the Refresh Policies interval in seconds.



Navigate to the Computers Groups page using the left menu. ThreatLocker policies are assigned to computer groups. When installing ThreatLocker, the installer will automatically add the computer to the group based on the downloaded installer.

To download the installer, either select an existing group or create a new group, and then select the inline download link.


Note: Do not rename the installer, as it requires the installer code in the file name.

To install ThreatLocker simply click on the downloaded MSI, or you can deploy from any deployment system that can deploy MSIs.

After installing the ThreatLocker client, your computer will automatically be scanned. Within a few hours, new policies will automatically be created for the files we found on your computer. These policies act as a baseline of what is already installed.