ThreatLocker® User Guide


What is ThreatLocker®

ThreatLocker® gives your I.T. department control over what software can run, and storage devices can be used in your organization. This control reduces the risk of a cyber-breach.

If you have ThreatLocker installed on your computer, you will notice a small icon in the tray with a lock.

App Tray

Application Control and Storage Control

When trying to run an unapproved application it will get blocked by ThreatLocker, you’ll receive a popup notification with the file or files which were blocked, a button to request permission and a button labeled “My Administrator is Present”.

Selecting “Request Permission” will send a request to your administrator requesting permission to the application.

Request permission

Selecting “My Administrator is Present” will expand the pop-up with fields for administrators as:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Application Name
  • Permit For (choose from the computer, the group the entire organization or not to permit)
  • Security Level (relaxed, moderate and/or strict)
  • Enable Install Mode
  • Permit Application button

Administrator Present