ThreatLocker® Storage Policy Approval


Request and Permitting Access to a Storage Device from the ThreatLocker Tray

To request permissions, a policy must be set to “Allow the user to request permission when blocked.” (see How to add a Storage Policy? – point 6).

How to request permission:

  1. When a storage device is blocked, the Threatlocker app will show a notification that the storage device is blocked;

    ThreatLocker® Storage Policy Approval

  2. Click on the notification to view options;
  3. You can navigate through the blocked storage devices using the left and right arrows;
  4. To request permission to something that is blocked, select Request Permission.

    ThreatLocker® Storage Policy Approval

  5. Select Request Permission button.

When a user selects request permission, the request is sent to the approval center. If configured in the Policy, the administrator will receive an email notification.


Approving a Storage Device directly from the ThreatLocker tray

To approve access to storage devices, either create a policy using the ThreatLocker portal (see How to add a Storage Policy? – point 6), or directly create a policy using the My Administrator is Present button.

How to approve a Storage device request:

  1. From the system tray, select the Threatlocker app;.
    ThreatLocker® Storage Policy Approval
  2. Select Storage Control;

    ThreatLocker® Storage Policy Approval

  3. Select My Administrator is Present. The window is expanded with fields for administrator login, Device name, Permission, Permit for and Method;

    ThreatLocker® Storage Policy Approval

  4. Enter your ThreatLocker administrator credentials;
  5. Select permission (Read or Write);
  6. If you want to apply the permission for the entire organization, select “Entire Organization”. If you want to apply permission for all computers within for that computer group, select “Every Computer in this Group”;
  7. From Method dropdown, select Serial Number or Path. If you want to apply the permission for the path only, select “Path”. If you want to apply the permission on device serial number, select “Serial Number”. When permitting access to physical hard drives, such as USB drives, we recommend you select serial number. Whereas when permitting a network path, we recommend you use Path;

    ThreatLocker® Storage Policy Approval

  8. Select the Permit Device button; and
  9. A permit policy will automatically be created, and the permitted within a few seconds.