Manage Computers

ThreatLocker gives you the ability to manage organization computers.

How to edit a Computer?

To edit a computer:

  1. Select a computer from the list;
  2. Select the pencil icon, and the pop-up Edit Computer is opened;
  3. Make your changes:
    1. Edit Computer Name;
    2. Change group;
    3. Put computer into Install Mode;
    4. Change computer security level.;
  4. Select Save.

Computer in Monitor Only vs Computer not in Monitor Only

When ThreatLocker client is installed, the computer is set to Monitor Only. This is reflected on the Computers page by the checkbox on the Monitor Only column.

A computer in Monitor Only will not blocked any applications from running. All application policies will be processed as if the computer was not in Monitor Only mode, but the deny action will be replaced with the permit action.

Monitor only does not affect your storage policies.

Once removed from Monitor Only and the policies are deployed, the computer will start complying to the organization, group or computer policies. Any deny policies will be applied.

Moving computer to a different group or organization

To move a computer to a new organization:

  1. Select the computer from the Computers list;
  2. Select the move icon under the Move Organization column;
  3. Select the new organization from the organizations dropdown;
  4. Select the new group from the groups dropdown;
  5. Select the Move Organization button.

How to delete a Computer?

To delete a Computer:

  1. Select the computer from the Computers list;
  2. Select the trash icon; and
  3. Confirm deletion when asked.