Quickstart Guide

ThreatLocker(™) provides a powerful yet simple way to get visibility and control of what is running on your business or schools computers.

We recommend that ThreatLocker(™) is deployed to your desktops, laptops, and servers. 

This is a quickstart guide on how to get started with ThreatLocker. 

Working with ThreatLocker(tm) Policies

ThreatLocker's policy engine provides a powerful yet simple tool to control what is running in your business or school. 
The policy engine allows administrators, security operation centers (SOCs), and CISOs get complete control as to what code can run on their devices. 
Policies are easy to create and deployed in less than a minute to all devices.  Much like firewall policies, ThreatLocker™  policies are processed in order.

Using the ThreatLocker Audit

ThreatLocker(™) provides a powerful yet straightforward full audit of everything that is running on your organization's computers. 
Each time an application is a library is loaded for execution it is recorded in the ThreatLocker Audit (™) along with details about its digital signature, the user who opened it, the file hash and the time it was opened.