Stop Zero-day Malware

ThreatLocker® uses Application Control techniques such as RingFencing™ and Application Whitelisting to stop zero-day malware threats.

Malware creators are getting faster and faster at releasing new threats. Last year, nearly 1 million new pieces of malware were created each day. Antivirus vendors use methods such as definition files with a list of known viruses and heuristic methods to try and identify if a file is a virus.

Unfortunately, this kind of old school way of thinking leaves you vulnerable and at risk of being infected by a virus or malware from zero-day attacks. It only takes a few minutes for malware to copy your data or encrypt your files, but it takes hours or even days for antivirus vendors to update their definitions.

ThreatLocker® uses a more logical approach to stop viruses and malware from affecting your business. ThreatLocker® Application Control uses a combination of Application Whitelisting and RingFencing™ to protect your business from known and unknown malware threats.

With ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ software applications are ringfenced inside a perimeter, preventing them from launching attacks on your system and severely limiting any damage caused by malware or vulnerabilities in applications.

ThreatLocker Application Whitelisting stops any application files, script files or libraries from running that are not explicitly trusted by your business. If a user opens a file that appears to be a Microsoft Word document but turns out to be a virus, it is blocked by ThreatLocker Application Whitelisting.

Our "default deny" approach gives you, the IT administrator, control over what software is running. Regardless of whether the virus appears as a macro in a word document, disguised as good software that is downloaded by the user, or is opened by an attacker who exploited your system, the ThreatLocker® Application Control blocks the file from running and keeps your system safe.

Application whitelisting is extremely effective at blocking malware or any unauthorized software from running. Unlike other application whitelisting solutions, ThreatLocker® Application Control takes seconds to install and automatically creates policies so you can be up and running in a few hours.

Approving good software is easy with ThreatLocker®; it only takes a few seconds and a single click by the administrator.

Find out how ThreatLocker® Application Control can help protect your business from zero-day malware by scheduling a free, no-obligation Web demonstration.