Protection from Ransomware and CryptoLocker

Ransomware and CryptoLocker malware and viruses are some of the most aggressive threats that businesses face. Businesses that have been affected by this malware are often left in ruins as they try to recover from huge losses.

Ransomware is packaged in various forms and attacks systems by various methods. Ransomware can infect PCs through user-downloaded software, a macro in an office document, a script in a PDF file, or even an exploit such as the EternalBlue exploit.

ThreatLocker® Application Control helps businesses put a stop to ransomware in multiple ways. Our Application Whitelisting offers a superior level of protection, making it virtually impossible for a user to knowingly or unknowingly run ransomware. Unlike antivirus software, our Application Whitelisting blocks all untrusted code from executing, so the latest trends in ransomware will not be missed.

Whether used in conjunction with our Application Whitelisting or alone, ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ increases protection against Ransomware to a new level. Rather than simply trying to allow or deny an application from running, ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ controls what applications can and cannot do in the system. If an application attempts to perform unauthorized functions such as accessing or encrypting your data, it will be blocked. When ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ is used with ThreatLocker™ application whitelisting, businesses enjoy well above enterprise-level security without the overhead of traditional application control.

To find out how ThreatLocker® Application Control can help protect your business from ransomware, schedule a free, no-obligation web demonstration.

A user downloads an application that contains ransomware and executes it on their computer. The ransomware encrypts all of their data, as well as data they can access on file servers.
ThreatLocker® Application Whitelisting prevents users from running software that is not approved by the I.T. department.
Application whitelisting is not appropriate for a member of the software development team, and one of the developers accidentally downloads ransomware, believing it was a safe application. All of the corporate file server data is encrypted.
ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ prevents the application from getting access to any network or shared files. When an application tries to make changes or access unpermitted files, the application is automatically shut down.
A user downloads a Microsoft Office document that downloads fileless malware from the internet. The fileless malware encrypts all files on the file server.
ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ stops Word from running the fileless code and blocks the malware from running.
An unpatched Windows 7 PC is exploited using the EternalBlue vulnerability. Ransomware is executed and encrypts the file system as an administrator.
ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ stops the exploited software from running unauthorized processes, including ransomware.