Stop unauthorized software running on my Remote Desktop Servers


Whatever your platform, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix or VMWare ThreatLocker® gives you the tools to keep control over what is running on your session based servers. 

One of the most challenging problems with deploying session-based services is controlling what software is running on your servers.  When using a shared resource, quite often software is deployed for the benefit of a few, but it is available for all.  It is tough to use the built-in tools to control which of your applications each user can access. Even more of a concern is the lack of control of unauthorized applications. Unknown applications, zero-day malware threats, and unlicensed software leave Remote Desktop Server administrators on the edge of downtime, data breaches, poor performing servers or malware. 


"ThreatLocker® makes it really easy for you to control exactly what is running on your session servers." 


Fast Deployment

Simple Approval Process

Automatic App Updates


Application Definitions

Automatically Update

Up and running in

less than 5 minutes. 

Approve Access to Software

In a Single Click


  • Predefined List of Applications

  • Create and update application definitions with a few clicks automatically. 

  • Easily permit software by Path, Hash, Cert or Process. 

  • Simple Firewall Like Policies that run in order.

  • Works with all remote desktop platforms, including xenapp, microsoft and vmware.