Medical Devices

ThreatLocker® Application Control combines RingFencing™ and Application Whitelisting to secure and harden the operating systems of IoT devices.

Healthcare devices are often an afterthought when it comes to securing your network. Unfortunately, hackers do not see them as an afterthought and often use these devices to gain access to hospital networks and patient data and cause chaos in medical centers.

These devices could include operating room integration systems, medical pumps, blood pressure monitors, or even medical refrigerators. All of these devices can run embedded operating systems and, in many cases, contain patient data. For example, a video integration system in a hospital may contain videos of patient surgeries and notes about a patient during a surgery.

Often, these devices are not patched as frequently as traditional desktops, servers, and laptops. As medical centers and hospitals do not want to risk these devices rebooting during a surgery or business operation, this leaves the device more vulnerable to malware attacks and exploits.

ThreatLocker® helps harden medical devices, reduce the risk of attack between patch cycles, and virtually eliminates the risk of malware. ThreatLocker® Application Control includes whitelisting technology that blocks all known and unknown malware from running on medical devices. With ThreatLocker® Application Whitelisting, even if an attacker can exploit your medical device, the attacker will not be able to run any software that is not explicitly trusted. This means that an attacker will not be able to run malware or data-sniffing tools on your network.

ThreatLocker RingFencing™ takes protection to another level; in tests of all previous vulnerabilities, none of the tested exploits were able to get any level of effective access to the system. Although the systems were vulnerable due to poor patching cycles, ThreatLocker Ring Fenced the affected services to the point that the vulnerability was close to useless to an attacker.

Whether you are a vendor trying to protect the devices that you sell to your customers or a hospital that is concerned about medical devices that you are running, contact ThreatLocker to see how we can help protect your devices from attack.