Stop Malware and Ransomware on your Remote Desktop or Citrix Servers

Malware and CPU hogging applications that run on shared environments such as Remote Desktop Services or Citrix can bring your environment to its knees. 

While antivirus software offers some protection against stopping known malware threats, it falls short in protecting you from zero-day and fileless malware. 

To truly protect against malware threats, you must use more effective techniques such as application whitelisting and advanced control techniques. 

ThreatLocker® Application Control gives you control over what software can run on your environment. But unlike traditional application whitelisting, ThreatLocker goes beyond just blocking untrusted executables. ThreatLocker® blocks all authorized applications and scripts, including DLL files from running on your Remote Desktop Servers, without the approval of your I.T. Administrator. 

ThreatLocker® Application Control goes further than permitted or denying applications. ThreatLocker controls what your applications can do. Using our proprietary ThreatLocker® RingFence™ your applications will not be able to spin out unauthorized processes such as cmd prompt to make authorized changes to the system, or potentially encrypt your file system demanding a ransom.  

ThreatLocker® Application Control also makes it really easy and fast for you to permit software when you need it. Unlike the built-in software restriction policies, ThreatLocker® Application Control lets you permit new applications in seconds. 

To find out more how ThreatLocker® Application Control can help protect your Remote Desktop Services, schedule a free no obligation web demonstration.